Floor Plan

Floor plans are an invaluable addition to your real estate marketing campaign. When buyers see the layout of a property they can begin to imagine themselves living in it.

Digital Restyling

Want to show the potential of your property? See your home or office completely refurbished. Digital Restyling increases the selling and leasing potential of your house!

Floor Plan (Cyclone REGISTER 360)

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 (BLK Edition) borrows from the simplicity of the BLK360 and BLK2GO while maintaining scalability to deliver a simple and robust point cloud registration solution.

3D Floor Plan

3D Floor Plans are designed to execute a clear and simple 3d illustration of the layout of a property. This serves the purpose perfectly…


Separating the main object from the ineligible bg is known as the background cut out service. Sometimes, this also needs to fix the background. In such, an image can get a new or fixed bg to keep up the main purpose of the click.

Video Editing.

Listings with video receive more inquiries, increase your online presence with our virtual video slide shows and live action videos.


NEN 2580 is a Dutch standard (NEN) to the terms, definitions and determination methods provides for the area of land with a building permission and for the floor area and volume of buildings or parts thereof. In short, a Dutch standard for spatial data.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tours remain an innovative way to market your property. Potential buyers are time poor so by providing an interactive 360° rotating tour, local & international buyers can experience your property wherever they are..

Real Estate Photo Editing

It all starts with a great picture. In fact, your property pictures can make, or break, your only chance to appeal to buyers. Photo Editing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to generate traffic and, ultimately, sales.

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