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Dream Chaser Nepal Floor Plan Service “Experienced Since 2010”

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Floor plans are an invaluable addition to your real estate marketing campaign. When buyers see the layout of a property, they can begin to imagine themselves living in it.

Floor Plan Benefits

Floor Plan gives you a bird’s-eye view of a building. It’s a scaled diagram of a room, house, or building drawn by a house designer or architect. It presents the relationship between rooms, furniture, and spaces and shows the measurements (called dimension lines) for how long things are in real life.

  1. Floor plan turns your ideas into visuals so that you will be clear on what needs to be done and how it will come out in the end.
  2. The blueprint is your approved scope of work and guide.
  3. It makes it easier to make adjustments before acting on the design.
  4. It reduces hassles and ensures the project is completed successfully.
  5. Creating a floor plan can also aid in the decision-making process for choosing and purchasing materials.
  6. It helps visualize the end result so you can evaluate it ahead of time and make revisions if necessary.
  7. Having an accurate floor plan with measurements, you can decide what furniture you want to use and how each one will fit into position.
  8. Floor plans are crucial for real estate agencies to communicate the flow of space to potential buyers or renters.
  9. You don’t have to log in with your username and password to get started each time.
  10. Floor plan lets you plan your house better.
  11. Floor plan helps you communicate your ideas with the decoration workers.

We provide:

1. 2D/3D Floor plans (from your sketch or existing blueprint)
2. Interactive floor plans

Why Choose Us:

1. High-quality product delivered by experienced professional drafters
2. We provide free furniture and customizable products according to your needs
3. Very competitive prices
4. Fast turn-around-time (24 hrs or less)
5. Personalized customer service
6. Free revisions

Benefits For Yor:

1. You get professional service at a minimal cost
2. You save time so that you can concentrate on your clients

Contact us for your assignments or if you need more information about our company and our
products (email: info@dreamchasernepal.com)




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